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Paisley Parlor
Bellingham WA

Why We Create Soap

I took over my sister’s business as she is now a full time Massage Therapist Apprentice. Her previous websites were and and we are now at

I am committed to bringing you the same level of high quality handmade Goat Milk Soap as well as Shea Butter. I also have plans to expand into other organic and natural product lines for the natural mother and natural minded parents.
For my sister, Becky Hamilton, it all started because she has sensitive skin that is prone to becoming dry and itchy unless taken very good care of.  She quit using commercial soaps because every time she would wash with them, her skin would become irritated and itchy.  Rebeca did not know anything about hand made soaps at the time.

One of our other sisters gave her a bar of goat milk soap as a gift and told her to give it a try. She tried it and was hooked. For the first time in years, her skin felt soft, clean and smooth.  Having a small farm already, and planning on getting some goats, she decided to give soap making a try.

I tell our customers I am a full time mother and part time soap maker.  My daughter, Paisley, is under one year old and keeps me very busy.  Making soap is an outlet and a passion of mine.  Most of the soap business happens while she is napping or in bed for the night.  I have only ever used hand made soap on her skin and I believe in the quality and purity of handmade soaps.

Presently I make Handmade Goat Milk Soaps and Shea Butter. Sometimes I make the occasional seasonal or other fun products as well.