Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Pure, unrefined and only the highest quality.

We use only the highest quality shea butter in both our soaps and our shea butter products.  Our shea butter is fair trade and the women in Africa who make it earn a living wage.The Shea Butter we use is also pure and unrefined, this leaves all the naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants in the shea butter. It also gives it a slight nutty scent as well as an creamy color.  Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils can be added if you choose and a couple of drops will scent the whole jar, or add a little more if you wish for a stronger scent.  

Shea Butter comes from the nut of the Karite tree which grows in the western regions of Africa.  The nuts are harvested by women in local villages, dried and then ground into a powder.  This powder is then boiled to release the oils, which float to the top of the water and solidifies, this is the shea butter.  

Common uses include hand moisturizer, preventing of stretch marks during pregnancy, healing of stretch marks and burns, light sunscreen (around SPF-6), foot cream, hair moisturizer, bath oil, diaper cream and many other uses as well.

Shea Butter 1 oz

The perfect size for your purse.  A little goes a long ways and because there are no fillers or additives to our shea butters 1 oz lasts most people more than 3 months.

Shea Butter – Two 1 oz Jars

Buy two and save!  One for your car and one for your home.  They are also the perfect size for your purse or bag and can be sealed tight to keep from leaking.

Shea Butter – 2.75 oz

Let this Shea Butter replace your regular lotion as a gentle and hydrating alternative.  Because there is no water in this product, there is no need to add any preservatives, alcohols or other potentially harmful chemicals.This is a generous amount which comes in a small jam jar that can seal nice and tight to prevent any leaks.  For most people this amount can last up to a year because a little bit goes a long ways.  This is the perfect size for  your bathroom but is also small enough to travel with you.